TEAMS: When we Soar or Suffer! the Drama we Face at Work!

I just delivered another workshop where the focus was team interaction and collaboration. It was very successful as we were able to both address how to develop tools and approaches to minimize the “DRAMA” and seek to strengthen the aspects of the team with will make it more successful. As well the tools and approaches addressed what a “mature” high performing team will pay attention to and practice.

The end result was to minimize or alleviate the drama of teams, including interpersonal tensions, triggered emotions, unnecessary competition, passive aggression, and political games within teams and their culture.

If you wish to know more about this, please do let me know.

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Update on the Chapter is now Accepted to be included in the book

I am updating a previous posting about my chapter in a book to be published by University College London U.K. (Spring of 2020) I am here in London on my way to Birmingham to present my chapter on becoming compassionate, wise and kind leaders for peaceful and safe workplaces. When I return to Winnipeg I will provide some excerpts here from the chapter focusing this 21st-century leader that we require for our organizations. I am providing information and ideas about how they need to practice our four intelligences without the context of organizational spirituality in our workplaces. This is not about religion at all, but about living with purpose, meaning and being whole The research and recent evidence do suggest that we are still living within a leadership theory proposed in the 1930s, although we believe otherwise. No wonder the range of organizational challenges we are facing, and often for some leaders, we have created organizations living volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and extremely chaotic times, and negatively impacting all stakeholders. I know as compassionate, wise, and kind leaders, we can do better. But how do we gain the insight, and the skills to be this 21st century and beyond person? Now my chapter has been accepted and is in the editing stage.

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Writing a Chapter for a book to be published at the University College London (U.K.) Spring 2020

I am honoured to have been asked to contribute to a book on compassionate leadership in the UK educational system. I am in the final stages of writing my chapter for this book to be published in the UK in 2020. My contribution will be to explore compassionate and wise leadership, also known as spiritual leadership in our organizations. Both my lived experience and action research regarding this form of leadership suggests that this leadership style, mindset and skillset hardily exists or isn’t necessarily practised by our leaders in the majority of our organizations. The levels of staff disengagement, levels of organizational entropy(dysfunction, negative energy, or turmoil), levels of organizational stress, staff retention and recruitment, perhaps less extra effort, and workplace mental health issues are just some of the results of our continuing “command and control” leadership practices. Truly an unhealthy workplace culture! Stay tuned for excerpts of the chapter in the future. If you wish to discuss this form of life-affirming leadership, please let do let me know

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Where are you along your Manager to Leadership path of Development?

I am now expanding my consulting practice to answer this question for executive leadership teams. How many leaders are able to discuss their leadership development beyond a discussion of their leadership style, levels of leadership and ways to improve their leadership.

I have found that a limitation that exists is that leaders do not have a tool or a range of maps to understand their development as a leader. For example, when I have explored this area,  there are leaders who have asked the question “am I in my position because I am an “expert- achiever” in my field? Evidence answers this question by stating that many leaders who are in this position of being the expert-achiever are in honesty not necessarily the leader they wish to be. They may not have moved forward in their leadership development at all!

Beyond acknowledging this fact, does this make them a leader who has the responsibility to bring another type of mindset to the position, one of thinking about their organization 20 years into the future, thinking at their “highest level”, and understanding what is required for them to be the leader with their vision and strategies (impact) beyond today.

Are they aware of their decision-making style, core values and how they construct their thinking and action, and most importantly which “intelligence” are they applying to their leadership day to day?

This is a conversation of leadership development both horizontally and vertically!

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Your Leadership Mind -Customized Team Leadership Learning Sessions

I have invested much time, action research and development to develop my team coaching context and framework for organizational leadership to the further development of their growth mindset. It is quite interesting that the evidence is quite clear that it is time to consider to strengthen your compassionate and wise leadership.  I believe that t is paramount in these times of significant pressure to change our organizations and transform our leadership. This is not a technical process!

In my approach, we spend much time on “looking inward”, and understanding ourselves through these questions:

  • What is on your Mind?
  • What are your current leadership mental models and are they as effective as they once were?
  • What are your current “states of being” and how effective are they in thinking, interacting, acting and meaning-making in your personal and professional life?
  • What is your true purpose and your core values?
  • How are your four intelligences making sense of the world and assisting you in being the best of who you need to become?

Looking outward:

  • How do we define and act on our sense of excellence and what we believe is “good work”?
  • How do we prepare and focus attention on our transitions and transformation beliefs and activities?
  • How do we take the mental states, mental models and implement the personal and professional transformation needed for us to grow and develop?

If this interests you and you are curious, coming from a “beginner’s mind”, being brave and are willing to step out of the traditional leadership development activities, then please let’s connect.


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The Mind of a Leader – a Leadership Laboratory learning engagement

Just finished a 3-hour learning laboratory with another leadership team on their internal compass. This was a discussion of their experiences, their practices and their insights to apply their four types of intelligence of PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ in their relationships with direct reports. Practical thinking and interacting tools and approaches were explored and further developed. This focus was to broaden and strengthen the mind of the leader.

Perhaps, the next step is to discuss and provide a range of organizational cultural tools on strengthening leadership kindness within the workplace and their workforce.

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Value-Driven Leadership Development Reports as a Barrett Values Centre Certified Consultant from the UK

I am in the midst of doing quite a few of these LDRs now, which uses values and their labels as a way to identify leadership behaviour, This includes what is observed by a large number of assessors (selected by the leader) both in terms of helpful broad feedback as well as specific feedback regarding 26 targetted behaviours.  Most importantly the question of how the results will be converted into a meaningful development plan is addressed.

A very important element to this values-driven leadership process is when all the leaders have completed these assessments, a Leadership Team Cultural Map will exist to address both the assets and liabilities of the current team, and most importantly a way forward will be established for collective team action.

If you know and focus on using an Appreciative Inquiry model to affirm and strengthen the leadership in an organization, then you will have a live map of:

  • What gives life in the leadership model in the organization, and what is the best of the team;
  • It explores “what might be”;
  • It aids in the design of “what should be the ideal”; and ultimately
  • It assists the CEO and senior leadership of the organization to create systems to empower, learn and adjust the leadership team, going forward in a transformed way addressing the way change will take place from “Within” and “Between”, and Among” each other, and the systems at play.


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Organizational Transformation through a LEADERSHIP Coaching Questioning Framework

I have just recently created a process and a playbook to engage executive leadership of organizations, to share my experience in helping leaders engage their direct reports to use a “coaching questioning frame” with a number of questions to transform their thinking and leadership action.

If you are interested in knowing more about this as a tool for your one-on-one leadership coaching development and or team coaching, please contact me.

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I have created a VALUES HANDBOOK titled: How to Make Your Organization more Valuable though the Development of your Value-Driven Leadership, Resulting in a Positive, Healthy and Flourishing Organizational Culture!”

This will be available when I work with clients, both individual and organizational.

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Rotary Club of Charleswood

I am excited about an interactive core values presentation I will be making next week to the members and guests of the Rotary Club of Charleswood.


This should be a fun engagement. Thanks for the opportunity.

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