Training and Engagement with Organizational Teams

I know that the context for change is for smart and insightful leadership to realize that they have three mandates above all else: they must manage the present, they must nuture identity, and most critically they must CREATE THE FUTURE.

In the many years of consulting and coaching for organizational change and leadership transformation, it has become clear to me that there are a number of basic adaptive skills, mindsets and approaches to assisting this to take form.

In that regard I believe that the following three training and engagement sessions will be helpful to assist organizations and their leaders to become more resilient, and adaptable. I believe that these will assist in bringing more forethought and foresight into the organizations, and accomplishing their organization’s strategies and goals.

This is within the context of a challenging environment, which is shifting quite quickly, and as leaders being forced in many ways to live within paradox and multiple contradictions.

Therefore, I am offering three new, unique training and engagement offerings for organizational teams and leadership. I am quite interested in discussing any ideas you may have to customize any of these three for your organization. For information about any of these three workshop themes, please contact:


Telephone: Canada @ 1-204-941-9414 

1. My first one is:

The Shared Journey of Our Team

Five Individual and Team Practices in Innovative and Interactive Team Cafes

Purpose: This is a series of professional masterclasses consisting of five cafés, customized to an organization and their team’s developmental needs. These cafés are based on my years of team and organizational development experience and successes. This organizational series will engage your team in thoughtful and insightful dialogue to build and strengthen your team’s working relationships. This will strengthen the trust of one another, enhance confidence within the team, and ensure that every team member will be clear about each other’s expectations, within an interdependent team environment.

Facilitator:  Martin Itzkow, FRSA is a highly-skilled Executive Coach, Leadership Strategist, Trainer and Organizational Renewal and Transformation consultant. He is a Barrett Value Centre (U.K.) Certified Culture Transformation Consultant, and a “Deep Change” Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach (U.S.).

Recently, he has contributed a chapter to a book this year to be published in the U.K. titled “Leading Compassionately: Living Together in Safe, Healthy and Purposeful Organizations”.

Anticipated Outcomes:

Martin will facilitate a series of 5 practical team-building cafés where each member of the team, including the team leader, will explore, reflect and practice non-judgmental dialogue and focus on achieving the following outcomes:

  • Fostering its culture of innovation;
  • Considering the work relationships at work in your team, in high change environments;
  • Understanding the right growth mindset;
  • Exploring your team’s use of experimentation and innovation;
  • Creating the benefits of being safe and healthy as a team;
  • Identifying your team’s safety around potential failure and learning to be better together; and
  • Ensuring that you are a value-driven team in alignment with the organizations and teammates core values;

Each café reflects a practice selected to challenge, enlighten, and, without judgment, encourage new conversations to take form in meaningful ways. The café will be a safe space where mutual learning will take place. There will be times for individual reflection, and, most importantly, ways to celebrate the team, its hopes, desires and anticipated future successes. This will reflect the combined effort and progress to build a cohesive team in these cafes, living their collective team values as they pay attention to aligning with their personal ones.

For Whom:

Current and developing teams of no more than 15 people will comprise a café. The individual members will need to commit to attending all five cafés in order to gain the maximum benefit from the dialogue, mutual learning and commitments made to each teammate to enhance the team culture within each session.


These five cafés will be convened over a period of 10 weeks, where one café will be held one week and then the following week the team will put into practice what they have learned from the previous café. The following café will start to “unpack” their learnings and then carry on to the new practice.

Each of these creative, engaging and interactive cafés will take place over a three-hour period. They will integrate individual, paired and group discussions based on a range of ideas, concepts, and provocative questions.  A number of creative and interactive tools and worksheets will be provided to assist in this learning environment. In the end, each member of the team will create their own personal development plan, aligned with the team’s culture plan of action.

When appropriate and perhaps spontaneously, the facilitator will introduce a number of team development models to enhance the learning of each of the team members. Team leader(s) will have access to two separate one-two hour coaching sessions to address any ideas, concerns, and questions they may have in order to strengthen their learning to consistently apply what has emerged in the team learning.

Contact Martin Itzkow, FRSA for the professional fee for this series of five cafés and two leadership coaching sessions:

2. The second one is:

Inside Organizational Culture:
Preparing to Change it and Make it Work
For You!

Do you know the impact your organizational culture is having on your success in executing your strategies?

How many of our organizations are making changes & believing that they will be executed as is expected? I work in the world of organizational & leadership culture; I know that many of our “Triple P” approach to change new policies, procedures & processes are not always executed or even long-lasting. The question is: Is your current culture able to support these changes? How do you and others know?

There are two reasons why you want to look at your culture:

  1. Your current culture seems to be positive and the organization is resilient, but you now want to create one that will best support the accomplishments of your organization, its strategies, and by understanding your culture is the first step to determine what to keep or what to change;
  2. you may already believe that your culture is damaged and hindering your success, and you want to take steps to understand why. Damaged organizational cultures are characterized by negativity, complaining, underachieving, less than positive relationships, leadership that fails to respect and honour people, the low contribution of employee discretionary energy and investment in the organization, and high attrition.

Actually the big question is: Do you even know what your organizational culture is? Would others agree? Do you know how effective it is or at worst is it causing undercurrents which challenge “the way we do things around here”?

Is your idea of making these changes framed in a way that may not align with your current culture at all? Are you aware of the impact this will have on employee retention and or recruitment, new technology systems, staff reducing their attachment & sense of contribution & investment in their work, & staff relationships between each other & or leadership?

Have you diagnosed the number of organizational misalignments you are slowly & quietly creating? Do you know how to measure your current culture in order to know how these changes can be made & ensure alignment with the desired culture for the future?

This will be a full-day session to introduce organizational leaders to the basics of organizational culture, and how to measure and create a framework to plan to engage and focus on the desired culture in the future. Stay tuned or contact me.


3. The third one is:

MASTERING THE CULTURE of Resilient Organizational Planning or what I call “Deep Results-Based Planning

Ability, Inclusion, and Whole System Integration.

In an environment of increasing Volatility, Uncertainty, Chaos, and Ambiguity!

Have you ever been trained in agile organizational planning? This is where you are able to adjust and quickly align everyone to the changing strategies and outputs required to demonstrate success? This is a process based on establishing a culture of transparency, inclusion, shared leadership and ownership, and alignment to the DNA of the organization, and of course, accountability (everyone knows and sees where everything fits together).

This will be a full-day workshop introducing this planning model, which takes a strategic plan and operationalizes it. Stay tuned or contact me