Martin Itzkow, FRSA has an active, successful life and executive adaptive leadership coaching practice, locally, nationally and internationally in scope. He has become a strong supporter, catalyst and animator for shaping organizational culture in a time of uncertainty; to strengthen organizational resilience by measuring and animating sustainable organizational change.

Over the last two and a half decades, Martin has facilitated over three-hundred consulting and coaching assignments, ranging from strategic thinking and long-term planning, developmental evaluation, change readiness and management, organizational renewal and development, shaping organizational and leadership culture, values-based decision making, measuring organizational evolution and growth, community visioning and executive leadership. He is an excellent and a quick-thinking large-scale group facilitator of organizational transformation.

Martin is known for his customization processes to meet the unique needs and characteristics of the client and their specific circumstances.

He has recently devoted his coaching and organizational transformation to address his growing concern about community, societal values, the highest level of human intelligence (SQ), and the wellbeing of human flourishing which is underpinned by individual beliefs, values and mindsets. 

Martin is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (FRSA- UK), a Barrett Value Centre Value’s CTT consultant (U.K.), a member of the Steering Group for the Canadian Values Alliance, an Associate of the Compassionate Education Foundation (CoED) (U.K.), a ICF member, a certified “DEEP CHANGE” Spiritul Intelligence coach and Flourishing Communities consultant. He has founded and actively participated in many communities and organizational executive leadership development training and mentoring programs.  Martin has been on Winnipeg CBC Information Radio as their Values Journalist. At present, he is the founding Executive Director of the Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families Inc. (CMCCF)


April 30, 2019