Manitoba Cultural Community Engagements

In my many years of coaching, organizational and community transformation, I have designed and facilitated many community engagements. Here are the examples of these community engagements, when I apply three sets of tools: 

Visual Facilitation:

•This is a process by which the visual facilitator understand the process and conceptual modelling and applies a sequence of visual aids (posters) to explore ideas, concepts, thinking, insights and learnings to create pathways to action for the organization.


Dialogic Practice:

•This is where the group focuses on its own power to receptively listen to diverse perspectives, suspend judgment, and explore assumptions. It can effectively transform either/or thinking into insights and even wisdom by appreciating the complexity and allowing creative tensions of paradox to be present. (and not or)


Change Practice:

•Designing and leading transformation (people) and change (organizational) involves partnering with my clients to focus on longer-term processes that involve many elements;


•These include helping everyone understand changing conditions, aspirations, and the development cycles through iterative consideration of future vision, assumptions, beliefs and values (belief systems), action plans, new behavioural norms, processes and organizational structure and forms.


•All these are based on process thinking and deep process awareness