12 Leadership and Individual Qualities of Spiritual Intelligence

In essence, I find that these 12 qualities that Zohar and Marshall have identified in their work regarding Spiritual Intelligence SQ, summarizes the  worth and value to focus your intention to strengthen your spiritual awareness and skills in the following areas:

  1. Self-awareness: the capacity to know my own beliefs and supreme values, as well as what motivates me profoundly;
  2. Spontaneity: the capacity to be receptive to every moment, to be flexible and adaptable;
  3. Living: according to profound values and principles;
  4. Holism: the capacity to see the whole, wider connections and relationships, as well as the feeling of belonging to a bigger whole;
  5. Compassion: the capacity to be sensitive towards others and to have profound empathy;
  6. Diversity celebration: valuing the difference between people;
  7. Independent spirit: to stand against others’ opinions and have your own beliefs;
  8. Humbleness: the feeling of being a small player in a bigger, universal drama;
  9. The tendency to always ask “why?”, the need for understanding the depth of things and to search for fundamental answers, including root causes;
  10.  The ability to re-signify or reframe situations, events, emotions, to create new situations and realities;
  11. Positive attitude: against adversities; the capacity to learn and grow from mistakes and failures, and sufferings; and
  12. To have the feeling of a purpose in life, a meaning to serve all of humanity.