What are the SQ21 skills, knowledge and experience you will gain from this process?

In the next few months, I will be introducing new tools (self-assessment), team coaching, training sessions, SQ skill sets (21) and approaches when I work in collaboration with clients, organizations and leaders to enhance their understanding of themselves (know thyself) and others, in order to:

  • to increase the quality of their relationships with direct reports, and others within their organization and outside in the community;
  • to increase their level of “self-awareness” “self-mastery” and “universal awareness” regarding worldviews, values, visions of the desired future, and its impact on others in the area of decision-making and the execution of ideas;
  • to seek and sustain a “state of internal peace and contentment” in balance with their “outer” lives;
  • to increase their awareness of their mind and its role in relationship building, decision-making, and focusing on the future; (and much more) and
  • to increase the person’s “spiritual maturity” by assisting the client to make intelligent discernments in making wise and compassionate choices.