This is very much about leading yourself through your life, by exploring your true life purpose, meaning-making and the reasons why you matter by knowing what is the difference you make to others? What will you life legacy be? This is about how as a spiritual intelligence coach how I guide you to explore your 360 Degree life.

I believe that this is now time in our lives to consider and cultivate another (safe and empowering) space to discuss your essential wisdom to a committed purposeful and passionate life, and within this context to a clear path of your greater well-being.

I have most often heard from many of my clients overtime that they believe that they “are flying blind, are on autopilot, and often are sleep walking through life”. Is this true in terms of you knowing not only who you really are, but most importantly, what matters the most to you as you start to think of your legacy in this “life”.

Here is an important question to refect on from Mary Oliver:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?

For reflective purposes, please consider these two other questions as a way to understand the value of exploring spiritual intelligence leading to more focused compassion and enhanced life wisdom:

Question One:

       What transformation do I want to affect me?

Question Two:

        Why am I feeling this sense of discomfort in my life despite the greater wisdom and increased skillset that I possess at this time?

What is this about?

There are several types of human intelligence, including physical (PQ), cognitive (IQ), emotional (EQ), and spiritual (SQ). These can be developed relatively independently. Spiritual Intelligence is a multiplier and impacts the quality of each of the other intelligences. Excellence in one does not necessarily mean that you are proficient in the others.

Spiritual intelligence is the place and space in our lives as human beings to seek and understand values, our worth and most importantly our sense of meaning in all that we understand, how we act and interact with others, and ultimately, the sense and act of compassion and the wisdom we bring to all that is and that matters in our lives. In essence, this may be identified as our sense of love for our selves and for others.

Spiritual intelligence calls on us for the integration of the inner life of our mind and spirit (essence, soul, and other words that culturally reflect this idea) with the outer life of work in our world. This can be cultivated through questing, inquiry and practice.

Our spiritual maturity is expressed through our wisdom and our compassionate action in our communities and our groups or organizations that we lead.

This is a video from Dear Evan Hansen – and its focus is on one’s need for a roadmap to answer a range of important questions. This is a song that “touched me” and describes the need we all feel, to understand your “life map”, which I believe is your link to a spiritual intelligence roadmap for you to discover.