First Domain of Organizational Transformation “FROM WITHIN”


In my executive coaching and organizational transformation consultancy, I have become aware that often many leaders manifest both counterproductive and or destructive behaviours. I believe that these behaviours tend to originate from deep formative moments from our past, and are more than our cognition or surface levels emotions.

It is a shame that many leaders fail to discover the origins of these ineffective behaviours, and often at their peril. To counterbalance these behaviours, I know that leaders hold great assets, many places from which their passions take root, their power to influence positive change, and their capacity to bring forward brilliant ideas to make a positive change in their organizations and the community at-large. 

I believe that for leadership to “go deep”, where their leadership will be “transformative”, it will take a brave leader to seek “inner work” (intra-personally) within themselves.

It is very much how I will coach and support leaders to surface and understand their self-perceptions, skills, aspirations, known and unknown structures of believes and assumptions which directly impact their effectiveness, their sense of confidence and the ways to continue to motivate them. This is very much an exploration, a discovery to refine these interpersonal areas which in essence are the leaders most important assets, which lead in changing themselves and their work environments.

I know that as an executive coach, these are very important areas where leaders who are seasoned have done the necessary work to achieve interpersonal effectiveness. This is where their “inner” transformation has grown and developed their leadership and harnessed what makes them successful. In essence, this is where leadership has taken advantage of years of their formations over time.