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Mertin Itzkow is an organizational and life coach. Here he poses in front of his office, the Starbucks on Taylor Ave. November 6, 2012 BORIS MINKEVICH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS

Martin Itzkow, Professional Coach and Community and Organizational Transformation

NLP M. Pract. FRSA (Fellow, Royal Society of Arts (U.K.)

1 – Barrett Values Centre Certified CTT Consultant (U.K.) and a Member of the Canadian Values Alliance (To Empower Canadian Leaders to build successful values-centric organizations and communities)

2 – CoEd Foundation (Birmingham, U.K.) Associate

3 – Now a Certified “DEEP CHANGE” Spiritual Intelligence Coach (SQ21 – U.S.) 

PLEASE CALL ME AT  204-941-9414 (CANADA)




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