Executive briefing session – recovery from covid19 playbook

Just finished a very successful online two-hour executive briefing session with exceptional leaders on one of three new playbooks I have created for the current pandemic (mirroring the pandemic model) under the banner of “Building Back Better” .

I have spent the last six weeks “collecting the dots” as I connected them!

This first session was a framework model based on the objective of ensuring the health, safety, wellbeing and resilience of both employees & clients.

The next session in this series will be on a model of responsive planning. The last session will be creating the new organizational culture of engagement, performance, & purpose. (Using tools to measure culture pre-covid, current covid & desired post-covid for leaders and their organizations).

I feel that after many years that I have been in the field as a coach & values consultant that these three executive briefing sessions could positively make a difference, which actually is the difference courageous leaders want to make now.

As a leader what is it that is capturing your attention now & does it really matter the most in your organizational lifecycle?

I know that what leaders will be paying attention to is the way they treat their employees. This will be long remembered post this pandemic.

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