How leaders must now think about the pandemic.

I am curious about how we are thinking about this pandemic right now & if we will return to our sense of stability. How long will it take to return or if not what should we expect? Are you ready to transform your thinking about the new organizational world we must face?

As organizational leaders are you curious & willing to be brave to identify & measure what type of leadership will be required over the next two – three years? What beliefs, values, assumptions are you willing to test?

Also, how are your organizational and team cultures being forced to change as you plan this first recovery?

How are you now thinking about your organizational world? Whose voices are you listening to & how are you hearing their wisdom?

I worry that there are some who are leading from a space of organizational blindness. How will they know?

I am certain that when we think about recovering from this pandemic and its potential waves, we need to consider our planning phases: 1-our leadership development,2-our pre-covid, current covid & post covid culture, and 3-the evolving plan for our recovery now and the immediate future. Have you considered all three of these recovery elements? I hope so!

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