Time to think about your post covid19 organizational culture.

How has your leadership culture changed from the period before covid, during covid, and what is desired post covid?

At present, I am facilitating this engagement with a courageous leadership team.

Each leader is participating within a process with a number of selected assessors. The questions to be answered by this process are: what is different now, and is required to carry on this leadership transformation? Where should the leadership team culture place it’s energy on for its future? What are the new learnings to create the new organization post covid? Where and how will current leaders create their organizational culture which supports their changed future?

I believe that this requires brave leadership with foresight and insight recognizing their organizational and leadership culture needs to address change now.

Seeing the world from a pre-covid POV may not be at all helpful!

What do you know about your current leadership culture? How must it change? How will you know? When will you know? What will your organizational results be if you do not pay attention to your leadership culture?

We know that organizational life is now very different for everyone. Your social contract between employees and leaders has changed? Where has it changed in your organization?

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