My response to Mike’s posting on the future of non-profit organizations and the need to use more responsive planning approaches

Mike you have identified what a number of organizational change consultants and coaches believe is true. Also, as a recovery strategy for non-profits (developing this now with my clients) we anticipate that at some point in time, government and traditional community and donor resources will be limited and they will be making hard decisions regarding limited financial supports for sector organizations. Those who succeed will need to demonstrate impact. Let’s not wait too long to start these conversations to rethink your org dna, how to adapt, and how to develop plans within a vuca framework. Traditional planning will not work here! Are our organizational leaders to identify their future probable scenarios of retooling their organization purpose, services, new governance forms, financial models retooling and even perhaps rethink current staffing and leadership models. What will happen if our sector doesn’t start these hard and critical conversations and immediate planning? I fear for our sector losses in our communitues. Are we ready?

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