Do you know the impact your organizational culture is having on your success in executing your strategies?

How many of our organizations are making changes & believing that they will be executed as is expected? I work in the world of organizational & leadership culture; I know that many of our “Triple P” approaches to change of new policies, procedures & processes are not always executed or even long lasting. The question is: Is our current culture able to support these changes? How do we know? Actually the big question is: Do we even know what our organizational culture is? Would others agree? Do you know how effective it is or at worst is it causing undercurrents which challenge “the way we do things around here”? Is your idea of making these changes framed in a way which may not align with your current culture at all? Are you aware of the impact this will have on employee retention and or recruitment, new technology systems, staff reducing their attachment & sense of contribution & investment in their work, & staff relationships between each other & or leadership? Have you diagnosed the number of organizational misalignments you are slowly & quietly creating? Do you know how to measure your current culture in order to know how these changes can be made & ensure alignment with the desired culture for the future? Leaders, let’s start talking with staff to understand your culture!

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