This is the leadership that my practice is aiming to support and develop

I have been asked many times, how do I see my coaching and consulting practice regarding supporting the developing team or organizational leader.

In James MacGregor’s book “Leadership”, he describes two types of leaders. One is transactional (short-term) and the other is transformative (longer-term). He writes and I quote:

“The relations of most leaders and followers are transactional – leaders approach followers with an eye to exchanging one thing for another….Transforming leadership (On the other hand), while more complex is more potent. The transforming leader recognizes and exploits an existing need or demand of the potential follower. But, beyond that, the transforming leader looks for potential motives in followers, seeks to satisfy higher needs, and engages the full person of the follower. (My point is to support organizations to support their staff’s core values being lived within their organizational life) The result of transforming leadership is a relationship of mutual stimulation and elevation that converts followers into leaders and may (this is critical for current organizational life) convert leaders into moral agents“.

This is my way to seek to develop leaders through my organizational consulting and coaching to grow organizational culture which is healthy, safe and purposeful for all.

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