Latest Value Team Mapping Session

We invited Martin to come facilitate a Values Mapping exercise at our team meeting. The exercise was 1 hour long and we learned a lot about ourselves and it created a sense of wonder and curiosity that the team leaders can bring back to their clinics. We were blown away by the insight that Martin was able to provide.

Martin mapped the values into three categories and it helped the leaders determine where they see themselves now in relation to the organization. It left them empowered to explore their purpose in the organization, their desired futures and determined present.

One of things that spoke to the leaders in the room was that it was about their values and not the organization but created a thought process of how we can create alignment. Martin also coached us through how to have dialogue when we are not living our values or if we felt our values were being violated. To sum up our session, Martin was engaging, practical and thought provoking. I feel that we are a better for being in that session it helped create a sense that we are in control of our day to day lives and how that contributes to being our best selves at work.

R. M. 

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