Three areas to focus attention to increase the value of your organizational culture

If you have been interested in my postings on toxic leadership, toxic organizations & the ways in which we have established this culture, ask yourself where do you start to make change? The context for this organizational change & leader transformation are 3 areas of focus: 1 – full & complete staff engagement to hear and validate their positive & limiting work experience (consistent & constant feedback of their concerns & changes they wish to contribute to); 2 – creating a new & more effective organizational structure reflecting a team networking culture; & articulating a refresh of the organizational DNA, then aligning this to new leadership teams, & introducing  3 – a holistic, integrated & aligned planning model. This new planning framework is where all voices are heard, and are encouraged to contribute to both horizontal and vertical plans. This is a framework where results are measured and scored. This is a process ensuring constant review and a learning cadence incorporating an accountability, and transparency culture. Ultimately, this will require a change in the leadership structure and it’s team culture. To be clear, leaders need to be brave & be prepared to ask questions of themselves based on their PQ, IQ, EQ,and SQ intelligences, assessing readiness to transform your thinking.
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