Time to explore your Spiritual Intelligence

When speaking about toxic leaders & their toxic or colluding followers, I am feeling the need to address or ask the important question-what happens to the followers who have liberated themselves.  What happens or is needed after the effects of this toxicity are understood, and who helps in their “healing”? Who recognizes this? This is a spiritual healing process, requiring a number of conversations and interactions, and much internal work on that person’s psyche and a time to move onto a better space. I have noticed this awakening in people now more than in the past year in organizational life. This an area where I introduce to leaders and followers a new approach to their development by directly engaging their spiritual intelligence. (Our 4th human Intelligence dimension) I suggest that this dimension is either so undeveloped on even underdeveloped in all of us. My questions are for leaders at all levels of their development to ask what will it take, what significant events or experiences will need to trigger this awakening to heal yourself and others? I do believe that this formula is something that we should pay attention to by acknowledging our pain, and when we reduce our resistance, we eliminate our suffering! (P-R=S) This is a space when bringing people together is key!

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