Continuing my thinking about the Allure of Toxic Leaders

I am sitting at a coffee shop and thinking about the research I have reviewed which describes toxic leader’s behaviour, and how we can pay attention. However, moving to where this conversation may be more helpful is to the followers of these leaders, and what do we know about their response and why they continue to deny or openly support this toxic, debilitating behaviour which creates the toxic organizational ecology. This is an area that needs greater focus and understanding, in order to come to a place where followers liberate themselves from this toxicity. It is too easy to only blame the leader without addressing why followers, follow. I strongly suggest that this is something which has infused our organizations, our politics, our communities. The point I am making is beware, as we collude to create those toxic leaders, we support them, and often we feel we need them. So what is this allure of toxic leadership?

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