Post submitting my chapter for the book to be printed in the UK in 2020

Now that I have submitted my chapter on becoming a compassionate, wise, and kind leader in a healthy organization focusing on the wellbeing of all, I have been forced to open the door for a conversation on dysfunctional leadership. I know that we have many decent leaders with decent followers. However, the evidence is clear about the number of employees in organizations who are disengaged and are not fully participating in their organizations. Yes, the evidence points to unhealthy work environments, where stress levels are extremely high, and workplace violence and aggression are rampant. So what are the reasons for this? As stated in my chapter, my conclusion is: for a range of leaders, toxic leaders collude with toxic followers peddling bad ideas and bad behaviours. What do we know about the allure of these toxic leaders? More to come…. Are you interested in the evidence? Do you know & abide/support toxic leaders in your current organization or have you experienced this in the past? What is the range of toxic behaviours & how has the leader’s character undermined the core values of the organization, and even their own core values? Why do we allow these toxic leaders to continue to destroy our organizations? How and what do we gain as followers from this?

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