Update on the Chapter is now Accepted to be included in the book

I am updating a previous posting about my chapter in a book to be published by University College London U.K. (Spring of 2020) I am here in London on my way to Birmingham to present my chapter on becoming compassionate, wise and kind leaders for peaceful and safe workplaces. When I return to Winnipeg I will provide some excerpts here from the chapter focusing this 21st-century leader that we require for our organizations. I am providing information and ideas about how they need to practice our four intelligences without the context of organizational spirituality in our workplaces. This is not about religion at all, but about living with purpose, meaning and being whole The research and recent evidence do suggest that we are still living within a leadership theory proposed in the 1930s, although we believe otherwise. No wonder the range of organizational challenges we are facing, and often for some leaders, we have created organizations living volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and extremely chaotic times, and negatively impacting all stakeholders. I know as compassionate, wise, and kind leaders, we can do better. But how do we gain the insight, and the skills to be this 21st century and beyond person? Now my chapter has been accepted and is in the editing stage.

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