Writing a Chapter for a book to be published at the University College London (U.K.) Spring 2020

I am honoured to have been asked to contribute to a book on compassionate leadership in the UK educational system. I am in the final stages of writing my chapter for this book to be published in the UK in 2020. My contribution will be to explore compassionate and wise leadership, also known as spiritual leadership in our organizations. Both my lived experience and action research regarding this form of leadership suggests that this leadership style, mindset and skillset hardily exists or isn’t necessarily practised by our leaders in the majority of our organizations. The levels of staff disengagement, levels of organizational entropy(dysfunction, negative energy, or turmoil), levels of organizational stress, staff retention and recruitment, perhaps less extra effort, and workplace mental health issues are just some of the results of our continuing “command and control” leadership practices. Truly an unhealthy workplace culture! Stay tuned for excerpts of the chapter in the future. If you wish to discuss this form of life-affirming leadership, please let do let me know

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