Where are you along your Manager to Leadership path of Development?

I am now expanding my consulting practice to answer this question for executive leadership teams. How many leaders are able to discuss their leadership development beyond a discussion of their leadership style, levels of leadership and ways to improve their leadership.

I have found that a limitation that exists is that leaders do not have a tool or a range of maps to understand their development as a leader. For example, when I have explored this area,  there are leaders who have asked the question “am I in my position because I am an “expert- achiever” in my field? Evidence answers this question by stating that many leaders who are in this position of being the expert-achiever are in honesty not necessarily the leader they wish to be. They may not have moved forward in their leadership development at all!

Beyond acknowledging this fact, does this make them a leader who has the responsibility to bring another type of mindset to the position, one of thinking about their organization 20 years into the future, thinking at their “highest level”, and understanding what is required for them to be the leader with their vision and strategies (impact) beyond today.

Are they aware of their decision-making style, core values and how they construct their thinking and action, and most importantly which “intelligence” are they applying to their leadership day to day?

This is a conversation of leadership development both horizontally and vertically!

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