Your Leadership Mind -Customized Team Leadership Learning Sessions

I have invested much time, action research and development to develop my team coaching context and framework for organizational leadership to the further development of their growth mindset. It is quite interesting that the evidence is quite clear that it is time to consider to strengthen your compassionate and wise leadership.  I believe that t is paramount in these times of significant pressure to change our organizations and transform our leadership. This is not a technical process!

In my approach, we spend much time on “looking inward”, and understanding ourselves through these questions:

  • What is on your Mind?
  • What are your current leadership mental models and are they as effective as they once were?
  • What are your current “states of being” and how effective are they in thinking, interacting, acting and meaning-making in your personal and professional life?
  • What is your true purpose and your core values?
  • How are your four intelligences making sense of the world and assisting you in being the best of who you need to become?

Looking outward:

  • How do we define and act on our sense of excellence and what we believe is “good work”?
  • How do we prepare and focus attention on our transitions and transformation beliefs and activities?
  • How do we take the mental states, mental models and implement the personal and professional transformation needed for us to grow and develop?

If this interests you and you are curious, coming from a “beginner’s mind”, being brave and are willing to step out of the traditional leadership development activities, then please let’s connect.


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