Career Coaching or Transition to Meaningful Work or Career Change

In my researching and coaching practice, it is clear to me that if you are following the traditional model (conventional wisdom) of career change, my experience it rarely works well:

  1. starting with internal exploration;
  2. developing your list of strengths, weaknesses, skills interests and ambitions;
  3. perhaps the usual psychometric testing or career advice;
  4. then researching various industries and professions linked to preferences and abilities;
  5. then making the decision, create a detailed plan of action; and
  6. send out resumes and fill in job applications.

This is the plan then implement model. Through a range of coaching approaches, I use another model, which I believe is much more effective. If you wish to discuss this please contact me.

Within this alternate approach I seek to assist my clients to meet any of these outcomes: 

  1. Transition into leadership roles in their current job
  2. Switch to a new position in their current line of work
  3. Change careers entirely
  4. Think and act strategically
  5. Solidify a positive mindset for success
  6. Increase self-confidence and assertivenessDevelop and sustain healthy work habits
  7. Improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  8. Enhance interpersonal relationships
  9. Manage stress and avoid burnout
  10. Achieve personal fulfillment

If you wish to know more, please contact me.


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