New Coaching Tool: My Compassionate and Kindness Leadership Covenant Playbook

I have developed a new tool, somewhat unique to work with a leader, a team of leaders, couples and individuals who are interested and would be committed to seeking a way to awaken and plan for times of stress, disorder, dysfunction, and negative energy and return to their individual and or group”STATE of GRACE and INTERNAL PEACE”.

The tool is called:


If you wish to explore this tool for your purposes as a leader, a group of leaders as a team, or as an individual or a couple, please contact me.

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This is the most recent leadership support testimonial provided by a CEO of a large organization in the community. (R.R. September 2018)

Martin Itzkow provided me with tools to gain clarity on complex challenges faced within my leadership role.  He carefully and skillfully led me through a process to help re-build focus and reflect on what is most important within my role as a leader.  It was an emotional exercise that required vulnerability.  Despite this, each time I met with Martin I felt stronger as a result of the important dialogue he facilitated.  Our goal as leaders is to transform our communities and to build a positive future.  Martin helped me re-gain momentum to stay focused on this vision for the organization I lead.  I am confident I will reach out for his leadership expertise again as I continue to strive towards the change we need to see in our world.

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